Handles and Seals

All Econstrukt windows and doors are equipped with a sophisticated Winckhaus or Hautau multipoint locking system to create a warm, draft free and secure  home.


Sash lifters are a standard in Econstrukt windows to ensure a smooth operation in the years to come. Simply by turning the handle you operate the whole locking system around the sash and the locking cams engage.

Our door and window hardware is 3D adjustable. This feature is a standard in our window and most of our door hardware. By simply using an Allen key you can move your window or door sash up/down, left/right and even in and out to adjust the pressure on the seals.

Maco seals.jpg
Concealed hardware

Econstruct windows and doors are equipped with concealed hardware and hinges wherever possible. The hinges of the standard windows are fully integrated in the sash and the frame and are 3D adjustable. The only visible hardware is the handle of the window or door. 


The seals are uninterrupted-wrap around seals to ensure an absolute airtight product. All seals are mechanically fitted quality "spring back" seals. All windows are equipped with 2 individual layers wrap around seals. All windows an doors comply with the NZS4211 air conditioned requirement.