How to get a quote

Thank you for your interest in Econstrukt windows and doors. Below are two pdf spec sheets- please take the time to fill out the relevant spec sheet so that we can provide you with a quote which is suitable for your project:


Econtrukt Timber- ALU Spec Sheet for our timber- aluminium range or

Econstrukt Timber Spec sheet for our timber- range.


The spec sheets are interactive pdfs- that means you can work directly within the pdf.

  • the “$” sign gives you a price indication (green = lower prices, red = higher prices)

  • the “info” button leads you to the relevant pages on our website for more information about a specific topic or detail.


When you are finished filling out the form you just have to click on the ”Submit Form” button and the form will be attached to your email- browser, you can also print the form for your own use.


In addition to the spec sheet please also send us:


  • your window schedule,

  • elevations

  • your floor plan

  • any other documents from your building consent application


This way we can make sure that you will receive a quote quickly which fits the requirements for your project.


Econstrukt Timber

Spec sheet


Econstrukt Timber-Alu Spec sheet

Send all documents to: