Handles and Locks


Handles are an important part of Econstrukt joinery. They need to endure the test of time. The foundation of their durability is laid in the design process.


All handles are machine fitted with screws into the multipoint locking system which eliminates the problem of loose handles. All window handles are connected with a 7mm spindle and door handles with a 8mm steel spindle to the hardware.  Econstrukt source handles from Hoppe and recommend the style 'Amsterdam' although other styles are available.

Econstrukt provides a 10 year warranty for the hardware components in residential applications.

The seals are uninterrupted-wrap around seals to ensure an absolute airtight product. All seals are mechanically fitted quality "spring back" seals. All windows are equipped with 2 individual layers wrap around seals. All windows an doors comply with the NZS4211 air conditioned requirement.

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At Econstrukt all units are equipped with hardware from German market leaders Winkhaus and Hautau. All windows and doors are equipped with a multipoint locking system to create a warm, draft free and secure  home. Sash lifters are a standard in Econstrukt windows to ensure a smooth operation in the years to come.